Tinymce Bootstrap Plugin
Bootstrap 5 Templates Manager

How to use?

The templates are grouped into categories.

The Templates manager allows to:

  • add/remove categories & templates
  • edit the categories names
  • edit the templates names & code
  • re-order the categories & templates

The templates are available in the main plugin Template dialog.

Tinymce Bootstrap Plugin - Documentation

How to proceed?

  1. Make your changes in the templates below:
    • drag & drop the categories & templates to re-order,
    • edit the categories names
    • edit the templates names
    • edit the templates codes
    • add / remove categories / templates
  2. Click the Generate JSON button to generate the JSON output
  3. Copy/paste the JSON code in templates/templates.json
    - OR -
    click the Download JSON button to download the JSON file,
    then replace your templates/templates.json with the downloaded file.


    JSON output